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Year 2015 is of ruby red colour, with a rich, fruity and pleasant aroma. Its taste is extremely soft, with pleasantly perceptible freshness. It goes very well with red meat, game and mature cheese. Serve at 16-19°C. The wine matured in French barrique barrels for 22 months. It comes from a 37-year old vineyard.




Vintage date 2015 is a fresh, harmonious and elegant wine with a pleasantly lingering aftertaste. It pairs perfectly with seafood and poultry, pasta and prosciutto. Wipach White is a food-friendly wine. It is served at a temperature between 10° and 12°C. Wipach White aged in French barriques for 24 months, which presented the wine with a soft golden yellow colour. Wipach White is grown in a 30-year-old vineyard.




Ni na razpolago.




Year 2017 is of straw yellow colour. The aroma contains tropical and fruit notes of grapefruit, pineapple and citruses. The wine evokes freshness and lightness rounded off by a full and rich flavour. The final impression after a sip confirms the rich composition and harmony of the wine. It goes very well with white meat, fish and cold starters. Serve chilled at 10-12°C.





Madam rebula: Year 2017 is of straw yellow colour. The wine is of a markedly full body, well rounded, harmonious, likeable. It goes very well with white meat, vegetable dishes and seafood. Serve chilled at 10-12°C. Madam Rebula comes from a 62-year old vineyard, one of the oldest in our region.




Letnik0 2016 je nežne rumenkaste barve s sijočimi zlatimi odtenki. Ravnotežje v ustih je na strani svežine, ki poudari sadni značaj. Vino se odlično poda k raznim morskim predjedem, belemu mesu, najraje pa ima družbo osvežilnih solat. Serviramo ohlajeno na 10-12°C.



Rose Merlot

Year 2017 is of amber pink colour. The most prominent aroma is that of strawberries, cherries and forest fruits, with citruses and herbs perceptible in the background. The palate is very fresh, with well-rounded acidity and a long and sweet aftertaste. Its extremely fresh character gives the wine a pleasant drinkability. The wine goes very well with seafood, grilled poultry and different risottos, and can also be enjoyed as aperitif. Serve chilled at 10-12°C.




The vintage of 2017 has a gentle ruby-red colour, is very elegant and appealing. Its scent is mild, but beautifully expressed and pleasant. It intertwines the aromas of tropical fruit and forest fruit. The sense that lingers in the mouth after the champagne is tasted, is fresh with small and dense bubbles. Refreshing acid gives it harmony what makes it drinkable. The aftertaste is quite intense, long-lasting and very refreshing. The champagne can be served as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to light and cold appetizers. It is served cooled at 6 and up to 8°C. Variety: 100 % Merlot. It comes from a 37-year-old vineyard. The formation of sediment is a natural process of aging wine. It contains sulphites.